On-site sessions at your place of work are possible. Consultations for individuals or small groups.

Accent Modification

Accent modification can refer to either a foreign or a regional accent that you would like to change. It is really learning the sound system (or phonology) of a language or dialect. It can be “reducing” or “losing” an accent, or acquiring a new accent (as with actors for a role). 

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Voice Therapy and Training

If you rely on your voice for your profession, you are a professional voice user. This can include singers, actors, teachers, salesmen, clergymen, air traffic controllers, lawyers, doctors, or anyone else who uses his or her voice in the work setting. No matter whether you must rely on your voice for work, or just in social settings, having proper vocal technique is essential to communicating. Some people’s vocal quality does not reflect their personality or their intended messages. They may come across as whiny or aggressive without intending to. They may be excessively nasal, breathy, or hoarse. Their voices can become easily fatigued and strained. They may not be able to project their voices to a group when giving a speech.

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